Trendy Kitchen Pegboard Organization

Trendy Kitchen Pegboard Organization

7th Nov 2016

Congratulations to Jenifer on being the winner of the 2016 3rd Quarter Wall Control Photo Contest with this artsy image of her trendy Kitchen Pegboard!

Wall Control Kitchen Pegboard Organizers create a chic, trendy, and artsy wall rack storage solution for hanging pots pans and cooking supplies. Big bulky pots and pans quickly fill up valuable drawer and cabinet space in kitchens and pantries so why not utilized otherwise wasted wall space for additional storage and organization with Wall Control peg boards. Wall mounted kitchen storage with Wall Control metal pegboard is an aesthetically pleasing way to store and organize common cooking and dining equipment.

Wall Control Kitchen Peg-Boards are easy to install and can be found in homes and apartments of all shapes and sizes as a stylish, colorful wall-mounted storage solution. These storage systems are particularly popular for apartments and condominiums in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago where space can be limited and every square inch counts. Apartment Kitchen Pegboard Organizers from Wall Control create a fantastic Julia Child style storage and organization solution from large high-end kitchens to small and cramped kitchens and everything in between.

What Wall Control Product is Jenifer Using Here?

Part Number: 30-KTH-200 B - Black Kitchen Pegboard Organizer Rack Set

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