Modular Closet Shelf Shoe Wall Rack Organizer - Clothes Hanger Rack Sneaker Shelf Storage

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Modular Closet Wall Storage Organizer System for Clothes Laundry Shoes

 *Quick Tip: Replace the included dowel rod with a longer closet rod from any local home improvement store to span wider gaps with two or more Modular Closet Shelf Assemblies

Part Number: ASM-CRS-2012

The Wall Control Modular Closet Shelf Organizer System is a great closet storage solution for anyone looking to organize and store clothes, sneakers, shoes, or hats. As closet space can be limited, this closet shelf assembly shoe shelf rack provides a modular system that allows one to expand their closet as needed and with no extra effort. It's made in the USA and perfect for anyone who want something built tough enough to last for years. Whether you are looking for an entire closet of clothes hangers, a wall of shoes or anything else, this closet shelf organizer system has you covered.

Modular Shoe Wall Rack Closet Shelf

The Wall Control Modular Closet Shelf Organizer System is the perfect closet organization solution for anyone looking to get the most out of their closet space. Whether you need a rack for clothes hangers, shoes, hats or sneakers, this system has you covered. It is modular too, so as your closet needs expand over time, so do your closet shelves! Easily installable on your wall and made right here in the USA, the Wall Control Closet Shelf Assembly Shoe Shelf Rack can help you organize your closet and maximize available space while adding stylish aesthetic appeal.

Closet Shelf Clothes Hanger Rack

If you are looking for closet storage organization, look no further than the Wall Control Modular Closet Shelf Organizer System! This closet shelf assembly shoe shelf rack is made in USA and offers an array of options - from clothes hangers and sneakers to shoes and hats. Adding more shelves or customizing your closet shelves is easy with the Wall Control System; it is designed to be modular, so you can grow your system as needed. Whether it's a space saving closet organization solution or expanding your closet space options, the Wall Control Closet Wall Organization System has you covered.

Closet Hat Rack Shelf Clothes Hanger Organizer

These more secure and stable closet wall shelf accessories are for use with the slots found in Wall Control wall panels only. Wall Control Slotted closet wall rack accessories offer a patented engagement that requires two deliberate motions up-and-down to engage and disengage the hooks. This feature makes Wall Control Slotted Closet Wall Storage accessories less likely to fall out of the closet paneling than conventional closet shelves and hooks that can easily fall off when clothes or shoes are removed. Although Wall Control Metal Pegboard Panels will accept conventional 1/4in pegboard accessories as well as Wall Control Slotted Accessories the Slotted Secure Closet Shelf Assembly included here is only for use with Wall Control Metal Pegboard Panels and Closet Wall Boards. Wall Control Closet Wall Organizers are Made in the USA

Includes: (1) Modular Closet Shelf Shoe Wall Rack Organizer - Clothes Hanger Rack Sneaker Shelf Storage Assembly for attachment to Wall Control pegboard tool boards. Shelf Brackets are 5in in Height and extend approximately 12in from the Wall Control panel face. Includes a 16-Inch Wide x 12-Inch Deep Shelf Surface and *Starter Dowel Rod for clothes hanger. The Starter Dowel Rod is included for convivence but for maximum efficiency and customization, we would recommend replacing with a longer Closet Rod spanned across multiple Modular Closet Shelf Assemblies as illustrated in the image at the top of this Product Description. Because total width requirements vary greatly from customer to customer with various closet and laundry room sizes, we wanted to make this modular closet shelf as functional as possible for anyone. This way you can easily utilize a single unit in a smaller space, or span two or more units across a wider area with a store bought closet rod from any local home improvement store. We don't sell closet rods at Wall Control because they are so costly to ship due to their length, it is far less expensive to simply grab a closet rod of your preferred length, color and finish the next time you visit your local hardware store.

Wall Control Closet Shelf and Clothes Hanger Wall Storage Assemblies are not for use with Wall Control's 3in Tall Pegboard Strips. Wall Control Shelf Assemblies are ONLY compatible with Wall Control pegboard tool board panels.

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 Renovation Hunters Closet Organizer System Clothes Hanger Shoe Shelf Rack Hyannis Build

Sneaker Display Wall Organizer Closet Storage SystemSneaker Display Wall Organizer Closet Storage System

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Lifetime Warranty

Wall Control has designed a closet organizer system that will last a lifetime. If you are tired of wrestling with old, ugly, or plastic closet wall organizer systems then you have come to the right place. Wall Control's beautiful steel closet wall storage rack design and high-strength construction allow it to perform for years upon years as your closet wall storage center home base for shoes and clothes. All Wall Control metal closet shelves and shoe shelf products are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty which protects against product failure and manufacturing defects, if installed and used correctly. We have engineered our metal closet wall organizer racks to last a lifetime and have backed that claim up by offering this warranty. If your Wall Control metal closet shelf or shoe shelf were to ever fail, just send it back and we will replace it. *For exclusions to this Limited Lifetime Warranty please visit our Lifetime Warranty page

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