Efficient Workbench Pegboard Storage

Efficient Workbench Pegboard Storage

22nd Oct 2015

Congratulations to Patrick on being a winner in the Wall Control Photo Contest with this efficient, modular pegboard tool storage and organization workspace image!

Wall Control steel pegboard organizers are modular to accommodate a tool storage and organization area that can grow and change with your needs and budget. Whether you are trying to put a single narrow pegboard between a workbench and cabinet to create a tight, efficient tool storage area or you're covering an entire 8 foot by 20 foot garage wall with peg board panels, Wall Control's modular system has you covered.

Wall Control steel pegboards also work great with both large and small tools alike unlike other peg board and slatwall systems. Wall Control offers a wide range of slotted pegboard accessories to accommodate a wide range of tool sizes from small box end wrenches to large garden tools like shovels, rakes, and brooms. Most wall mounted organizer systems can only handle one or the other well, it is either a large tool system or a small tool system, but thanks to Wall Control's clever design and hook assortments as well as Wall Control' heavy duty strength, this wall mounted tool storage and organization system can handle both large and small tools very well.

A single Wall Control panel can pack a lot of tool organization per square foot. Thanks to Wall Control's patented hole patterns and designs these systems offer versatility that is unmatched. Whether you are utilizing Wall Control's slotted pegboard pegs and accessories, conventional 1/4 inch round pegs, or some combination of both, Wall Control's modular, tile-able system cannot be beat when it comes to wall-mounted storage capacity per square foot... plus it looks pretty cool!

What Wall Control Products is Patrick Using Here?

Part Number: 30-HP-1632 GV - Horizontal Galvanized Steel Pegboard Panels 16in x 32in

Part Number: 30-GP-0832 GV - Narrow Galvanized Steel Pegboard Panels 8in x 32in

Part Number: 10-HH-3050 W - White 2in Handle Holder Bracket

Part Number: KT-200-DLX W - White Deluxe Slotted Peg Hook Assortment

Part Number: ASM-HS-1694 W - White Paper Towel Holder with Shelf Assembly

Part Number: ASM-SD-008 W - White Screw Driver Holder Brackets

Part Number: 10-SC-0B - Chrome Adjustable Spring Clips

Part Number: 10-HZ-103 W - White Curved Tip Peg Hooks

Part Number: ASM-CH-014 W - White Spray Can Holder Bracket Assembly

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