Garage Peg Board Paradise

Garage Peg Board Paradise

13th Jul 2016

Congratulations to Bill for winning the 2016 2nd Quarter Wall Control Photo Contest with this fantastic image of his awesome Wall Control metal peg board setup complete with LED lights!

Custom lighting to accent tool storage is becoming a very popular way to make a statement in the garage or shop. String LED lights work great with Wall Control Pegboards because our panels feature a flange on all sides of the boards that spaces the panel face off of the wall allowing for hook clearance and very easy installation. Not only does this mounting flange allow the user to mount pegboards directly to a flat wall without any additional framework but it also creates the perfect space to string LED lights behind the wall panels for a nice backlit tool storage display. We are seeing LED lights being strung on Wall Control peg-boards in garages, shops, kitchens, firearm and gun closets, and it is very popular for gamers with their gaming computers and wall-mounted monitors.

These pegboard LED lights are cool but how about this entire garage outfit setup? Wow! This is the proverbial Man Cave, or Lady Cave =) dream garage from top to bottom. From the LCD flatscreen TV to the the stainless steel cabinetry to the LED backlit Galvanized Steel Pegboards and even the sink, back splash, and flooring. This garage setup is custom from top to bottom and would make us happy any time we walked into it.

What Wall Control Products is Bill Using Here?

Part Number: 30-HP-1632 GV - Horizontal Galvanized Steel Pegboards

Part Number: 30-GS-0332 GV - Galvanized Steel Peg Board Rack Rails

Part Number: ASM-SH-1609 B - Black 9 Inch Deep Shelves

Part Number: ASM-SD-008 B - Black Screwdriver Holder Brackets

Part Number: KT-200-DLX B - Black Deluxe Pegboard Accessory Pack

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