GR Woodwork


Gabriel with GR Woodwork is a self-taught West Coast woodworker and maker from California who can tackle any build from large farmhouse tables down to small magnetic hardwood bottle openers and anything in-between including CNC and epoxy work. Gabriel is a family man as a husband and father of two who also loves helping out up and coming makers on their own journey and just enjoys staying busy.

Gabriel has GR Woodwork's workshop outfit with Wall Control's Horizontal Galvanized Steel Pegboard Panels and Black Accessories. This is Wall Control's most popular finish combination due to the clean contrast and nice aesthetic it creates in the shop.

Be sure to follow Gabriel with GR Woodwork on Instagram using the links below to stay up to speed on all the great builds he has going. Gabriel is happy to help so let him know if you have any questions on Instagram.

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What Wall Control Pegboard Products is Gabriel from GR Woodwork Using?

Part Number: 30-HP-1632 GV - 16in Tall x 32in Wide Horizontal Galvanized Metal Pegboard Tool Board

Part Number: KT-400-WRK B - Workstation Accessory Kit in Black

Part Number: ASM-HS-1694 B - Slotted Metal Pegboard Paper Towel Holder Accessory in Black

Part Number: ASM-CH-014 B -  Spray Paint Can Holder in Black

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