Firearm Storage Guide

Please keep your guns and firearms in a safe and secure location

We have found that most customers utilize our U-Hooks and Shelves for gun and firearm pegboard storage. That being said, we have all sorts of solutions out there because there is definitely more than one way to accomplish any task with our system, as gun collections vary from person to person and manufacturer to manufacturer.

We have listed a few of our products that are among the more popular accessories used for gun storage with our metal pegboards:

We have found that customers like to use the 2in C-Bracket (10-CB-022) in conjunction with a shelf to support the buttress of a long gun or firearm when storing vertically. The C-Bracket acts as a holder for the barrel, while the shelf holds it up. Shelf dividers (10-DV-009) can also be used with this setup or for multiple pistols to help keep them separated and prevent them from moving around.

If you are concerned about potential paint scuffs, please refer to our Rubber Coating guide on how to coat pegboard hooks with protective rubber coating for gun and firearm storage, and see examples below.

Rubber Coating For Guns and Firearms Overview

In our example, we used a Slanted U-Hook (10-BOE-007) for the barrel and a 3 inch U-Hook (10-UH-003) for the stock with Rubber Coating applied to it to prevent any scuffs while storing our gun.

Rubber Coating For Guns and Firearms Barrel

Rubber Coating For Guns and Firearms Stock

Customer Examples

Handgun Storage Example

Above is an example of storing handguns and pistols utilizing a 9 Inch Shelf (ASM-HS-009) and shelf dividers (10-DV-009).